Secondary School (6-10)

Queen City STEM Secondary School location is at
9108 Mallard Creek Road, Charlotte, NC 28262.

Phone: 980-321-7744
Fax: 980-321-7745

School OPENS at 7:15am and CLOSES at 4pm

QCSS Schedule April 13 to May 22, 2020

Front of Middle and High

Scholars at Queen City Stem School (QCSS) are encouraged to put their minds to the test. QCSS strives to provide a rigorous education for all scholars in K-9th. Our scholars in grades 6th through 9th will have the new experience of our new school located at 9108 Mallard Creek Road.

Our scholars will be engrossed in an enriched educational atmosphere with innovative teaching methods. QCSS aims to provide each scholar with all their educational needs while also providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for all scholars.

This is where scholars will dive into advanced studies through technology-based integrations, where scholars will not only experience education but will live within it. At QCSS, we provide our scholars with character building opportunities where our scholars will develop life-learning skills to use when they leave QCSS. Each month at QCSS, our scholars are filled will the desire to learn how to be model citizens through our character education program.  Within our character building program, each month is a focus of a different character trait.  Traits that are explored include: Responsibility, Respect, Kindness, Compassion, Courage, Diversity, Honesty, Citizenship, and Perseverance.

Our scholars’ will transition between English Language Arts (ELA) (Reading and Writing skills), Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies (History, Government, and social impacts on society, culture, and history) on a day-to-day basis. Scholars in grades 6th through 9th grade will have the opportunity to pick their electives. Their electives will include but are not limited to Advanced Computers, Physical Education, Art, Music, and a Foreign Language class.

We also focus on individualized learning and immersive experiences where scholars can interact with online programs either through the classroom SmartBoards, Apple iPads, or Google Chromebooks in the classrooms. Scholars even have the ability to continue their learning at home through educational websites and online programs.  Students will also have FREE tutoring time after school to work with teachers and improve on their core classroom subjects (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies).

Buildings 1 and 2