frequently asked questions

by Super User

What are the grade levels that I can apply for the first year (2015-16)?

QCSS will serve K-6 grade level students during its first year. QCSS will become a K-12 school by adding one grade every year.

What will be the means of transportation for QCSS students?

Primarily parents will be responsible for the transportation of the students. QCSS will make effort to facilitate Carpooling options for all the interested families. No school bus transportation will be available

What is the anticipated number of students in each class?

QCSS will enroll 22-24 students per class. 

I submitted an online application. What is next?

The school will hold the lottery on April 7th. If you filled out an online application, you are in for the lottery. You will be notified by April 10th with the result of the lottery.

Do we have sibling privilege practice for the lottery process?

According to the state Charter school law QCSS is not allowed to have any sibling privilage practice during the first year of its education. However effective by the second year of its operation. 

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